Friday, June 3, 2011

stylëvënts salutes "GIRLS WHO RUN THE WORLD" (feature 2)

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you yet another 
"Girl Who Runs The World"

Rakeda,owner of Papillon Perspectives........ 

Rakeda,tell us a bit about Papillon Perspectives...
Perspectives is a professional photography service catering to all lovers of life. Papillon (the french word for butterfly) is my love of all things beautiful. It's a way for me to show the world my perspective of God's magnificent creation through photography.  

How did you get started?
 My journey into the world of photography grew from a seed of pain. When I found the world as I knew it crumbling to pieces, photography (specifically self-portraiture) provided a creative voice that allowed me to scream out the frustrations that I couldn't express in life. I discovered the power of photography...the power it has to stop someone in their tracks and hold them captive. The power it has to speak to the viewer words that the creator can't summon. The power it has to make one laugh or cry, feel despair or hope, loneliness or love, pain or joy. It is a power that I refuse to release. 

Is there an underlying force or vision to Papillon Perspectives?
Once I began to see the beauty in myself again, I couldn't help but see the beauty in the people and things around me, and I couldn't wait to capture it. Through my pain, I found my purpose. I established Papillon Perspectives- perspectives of life & love in the summer of 2009 to do just what it says - to show your life and your love from my perspective. For me, photographs are more than images to be stored on hard drives or the bottom of desk drawers. They are pieces of your beautiful life, frozen in time. They are treasures to be proudly displayed and thoughtfully passed down for generations. They are your memories, transformed into works of art. 

What exciting projects are you currently working on?
 I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients, from newborns to adults, from brides to expectant mamas, from entrepreneurs to artists and providing them with tangible mementos of their beautiful lives. I've even been blessed to have one of my photographs chosen as the cover art of a nationally published book, Breaking the Silence by Riisa Renée. For me, God is Love, and Love is Life. It would be my pleasure to show you yours...from my perspective. 

If we want to reach you, tell us how?
If you would like to book a session, have questions or just want to say "hi", click here.  Also, feel free to visit the blog and  like us on facebook as well!

Well there you have it ladies and gents, ONCE AGAIN! It is always such an awesome pleasure to work with Rakeda and her crew at Papillon Perspectives. As an event planner, it is sometimes (let me stop playing.. its more often than NOT!) a very difficult task to give a "vendor" (be it a photographer, baker, caterer, etc.) FULL creative control when you have a particular vision, BUT I actually allowed Rakeda to do so for my wedding (aka a VERY BIGGGG DEAL) and SHE KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK YA'LL! 
If you had'nt seen the pics, you can view them here! Enjoy... 
Stay Tuned for more features coming your way VERY SOON! 
              stylë-ishly yours, 
                                 Oneika J.(aka madamëstylë)

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