Thursday, May 26, 2011

stylëvënts salutes "GIRLS WHO RUN THE WORLD" !

Listen up.... I want you guys to know that I am an ABOUT THE BUSINESS TYPE OF LADY and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE rubbing elbows with other females who live by the same creed... This week I watched Beyonce KILL several perfomances of "GIRLS WHO RUN THE WORLD" (that is, in addition to Oprah's farewell show) and I am hella inspired!!! In addition, I just really felt the need to pay homage to the chicks around me that are letting the game have it right now... 

Thus, TODAY I roll out the first feature of

(clearing my throat and shouting over the crowd)
Ladies & Gentleman, I want to introduce to you our 
1st Girl Who Runs The World..... 

Ms.Key of Side of Style.....  

Tell us a bit about "Side of Style"? 
"Side of Style" offers wardrobe styling, wardrobe analysis, and personal shopping services to help achieve the look that best suits your lifestyle or special occasion. "Side of Style" believes everyone has the RIGHT to look amazing and feel fabulous. Therefore, you too can be red carpet ready even if you'll be no where near it!

So Key... tell us how you got your start? 
Well, I started researching wardrobe styling in 2003 but could not make a decision on whether that would be something I would want to take up...I mean regardless of how many thumbs up I received in regards to my personal style...would someone actually want me to have a say in what they wear? So, with that I started to look outside of my personal style and observe the style of women...real women...everyday women worldwide. 

I observed that some were trendy & eclectic, some were timeless & classic, and some (like myself) were a little bit of everything. So I continued to observe and research enough to where I'd be able to style a pastor's wife to her liking or an around the way girl to her liking in the blink of an eye LOL! That became my be of service to the ones that are overlooked but work harder (than most men I know) and hold households/families down...the everyday woman! I wanted to give them a chance to experience a service that is second nature to celebrities or those with a bottomless bank account. I made my wardrobe styling service, SIDE OF STYLE, official in 2008 and before I knew it, Houston area models/photographers were contacting me for work as well. That was unexpected and it blew my mind! 

Is there an underlying force or vision that you had in creating  Side of Style? 
I wanted to appeal to every woman from a size 00 thru plus size and that has been my focus here lately...making sure SIDE OF STYLE appeals to ALL. On Side Of Style's Facebook page , there's something for everyone...even the men out there that don't mind trying style! Also, I'm currently working on a spread for children (super geeked about that!). My love for style has no end and I want to make sure I'll be able to express that to the fullest! This is not a gimmick, a phase, a side hustle, a get money quick scheme, etc...for me, it's an art form and I'm glad to share it with the world and be of help more than anything...but mainly to my everyday women ;-)  

here's a snapshot of what "Side of Style" does !

What exciting projects are you currently working on?
I'm super excited about getting emails/phone calls from those outside of Houston or Texas for that matter who want a "SIDE OF STYLE". That is a blessing and again, very unexpected! I was happy to receive an email seeking SIDE OF STYLE services from an up and coming actress (who's located in Los Angeles, California) and this young lady currently works for and is under the mentorship of a major actress (I hate to name drop in fear of jinxing myself LOL) and she and I will be working together in the future...she's in LA but contacting me for wardrobe styling? How many times have I said I'm excited/geeked? I can't think of any other words to describe how I feel to be recognized and sought after for doing something I've been wanting to do since I was in the 3rd grade...oh and I can't forget BLESSED (All praises to the MOST HIGH!). In addition, I recently had the pleasure of being the lead Wardrobe Stylist for a brand, that is lead by a very determined young lady, and some of my most current collaboration work can be seen on her website(Thank you again Kavachi!)

If we want to reach you, tell us how... 
Please feel free to check out my blog,where I salute stylish Texans and post fashion info/events in Texas. In addition, if ANYONE wants to collab, network, or allow me the opprotunity to be of service to them please email me anytime @

Well there you have it ladies and gents.... 
Stay tuned for more of our "Girls Who Run The World" features! 

stylë-ishly yours, 

                  Oneika J.

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  1. Can't say THANK YOU enough for this feature, again I'm flattered and appreciate the support!