Monday, April 11, 2011

The Recessionista Bride... To Be Or Not To Be?

Planning a Wedding during the recession? NOT TO WORRY.. there is hope. 


Truth be told, planning a wedding is BIG BUSINESS, so unless you have a ton of disposable cash or can count on the 'rents for a large chunk, it can put a real dent in your wallet. On top of that, pile on a recession, sky high fuel costs, & the deteriorating job market &  you've got a full scale wedding budgeting nightmare on your hands my friends. 

Because of this, many brides are turning to creatively extreme non-traditions for their BIG DAY to cut costs, many of which include private ceremonies and/or receptions with  heavy hors d’oeuvre’s backyard shin digs and/or destination weddings.

I will admit, the DAY Jamar (my husband) proposed, every single granduer vision that I had received inspirational insight on from my vast stack of Brides & Weddings In Houston mags were floated ever so heavily through my head. Although all of those thoughts did not make it into the “BIG DAY” reality category, I still allowed them to float on, in case unsuspected finances/blessings popped up.   

However, with all of the information floating around, I had to find a starting position. So, I will definitely say since there are so many factors involved in pulling off a wedding, there are two MAJOR factors in keeping your head above water to tackles the tasks to come. They are listed below:


Why are planning and creativity so important? I'm glad you asked. Well, 1st I will say that my absolute favorite quite these days is "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". 
Here are a few tips to building a solid foundation for your planning:  

First, you want to have a plan to stay organized
·        You will want to get a personal organizer/notebook/datebook that you can keep all of your wedding related notes in. You will want to divide the notebook up into categories, 
      (ie: attendant contact information, vendors, inspiration, invoices/receipts, etc) in order to keep like items all together. This will be necessary in assisting you to back-reference inspirations, balances due, etc.

Second, research, research, and research
·        Get bridal/fashion mags, and surf the net like never before to find the items that you want to incorporate into your BIG day. Compare prices and search for coupons from the vendors that you will be ordering from. 

·        DIY (do-it-yourself) projects are the bomb! The possibilities are endless from invitations, save-the dates, and thanks you cards to attendant gifts and flip-flops, brides all over the nation are turning to their inner-craftiness to cut costs!

Take all the time you need
Take your time in making decisions, as all of the excitement can sometimes sway your judgement and you will look back 5 months into the planning and realize that you absolutely HATE your wedding colors.  That’s NOT a good look at all!  

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